Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sweet Evil: Guest Post

Welcome to the last day on the Sweet Evil blog tour! Here I have Wendy Higgins talking about her inspiration. 

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For me, there’s not a specific source of inspiration. My inspiration is really drawn from all aspects of life. I am mostly inspired by the love I give and get from my family and friends— those relationships that build me up and keep me on my toes. I’m inspired by laughter and tears, dreams and hopes. I’m inspired by my spirituality and things I feel deep down, though I may not understand it all. I’m inspired by art, especially in the form of stories/books, music, and photographs.

On the flip-side, when writing a story with as much darkness as Sweet Evil, I also found inspiration in unpleasant things, like tragedies I’ve experienced, and atrocities I’ve heard about secondhand. I was inspired by heartbreaks and guilt and regrets. In the end, though, I am an optimist and a romantic, despite the ugliness encountered along the way. I think writers live with their eyes wide open, taking it all in as a possible source of inspiration. Find beauty in the unexpected. Watch the way people interact—their gestures and facial expressions—ask yourself how you’d describe it in words—narrate life in your mind as you experience it. Every little thing can be used. Every day life is inspiring. You don’t have to travel to Paris or meet a mysterious bad boy to write about those things. Much inspiration can be gained by researching a topic that fascinates you. Grab life, and then write about it.

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Thank you Wendy! Check out my review later. 

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  1. Beautiful and wise thoughts! And I can't wait to get to read Wendy's Sweet Evil <3