Hi! My name is Cassie and I run this here site called Citrus Reads. Take a look around and enjoy.

Anyway, who am I? I am 23-year-old RN with a passion for reading and writing. I love old movies (Casablanca anyone?) and I adore the Classic books like Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre). I know. I'm such a girl. Recently, though, I've discovered the fascinating world of Young Adult literature. That fascination really began when I read The Hunger Games a year ago--how cliche is that? But regardless, I have decided to start this blog and dedicate it to (mostly) YA literature. In between my intense study sessions, I enjoy an escape from reality from time to time. Don't we all?

Oh, and before you ask, YES I have a bit of asian blood in me. *wink*

And just for fun, here are five interesting facts about me:
1. I play the piano.
2. I have traveled to Mexico, South Korea, Canada, and China. 
3. I love fairytales and disney movies just a little too much.
4. I hate peas (they are gross and mushy!)
5. I have quite an eclectic taste it music (from country to rock, from indie to pop) 

And there you have it! A short and simple bio of Cassie from Citrus Reads. Thanks for stoping by. 


  1. Your blog name interests me! Are you from Florida
    by any chance?

    1. No I am not from Florida. I really like oranges, though, and I thought it was a unique basis for my blog (hence slices and instead of stars as ratings). Thanks for visiting!

  2. Dude. I hate peas, too. We are best friends now. :)

  3. Peas solutions- grow your own in a container and or get bags of them frozen and eat them that way. (Because canned peas, I get it, are "Icky")