Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Defiance Book Launch: RECAP

So, a week ago, I had the pleasure of attending CJ Redwine's book launch for her debut, Defiance. I went with my best friend (who hadn't read the book) and my 12-year-old cousin (who had). There was some confusion with parking, but eventually, we found the right place (at a church community center).

About thirty minutes after seven, the lights started to change and a man appeared on stage. He introduced himself as CJ's husband before the lights were cut off and the book trailer for Defiance played. When the trailer finished, CJ appeared from the back of the room and walked down the aisle towards the stage. Almost everyone gave her a standing ovation. She was clearly touched.

CJ was funny, humble, and...perhaps a little frazzled with the book release, the book launch, and the deadlines ahead! Ah, the life of a writer. But CJ took it all in stride and she began to read an excerpt from the book.

People clapped, and then the Q&A began. CJ's poor husband went around the large room, microphone in hand. There had to be a least 2-3 dozen questions that were asked. They ranged from music, to POVs, to the publication process.

After the Q&A, CJ drew the winner for the Nook Tablet. I was glad to find out that the girl who won didn't have a e-reader. So yay! Then, CJ pointed to the refreshment table. Her husband went over and lit the cake on fire. Well, he didn't light the cake itself--the fire was in front of the cake. Check it out.

Pretty cool, huh? And very "Defiance-worthy".

Once the cake was lit, people began to line up to purchase books for the signing. I honestly didn't expect there to be so. many. people! Most of them knew CJ personally, and that's quite a testament to her as a person. I thought she couldn't be more awesome until my cousin stepped up to have her book signed. Her name is Elim. CJ asked how to spell it, and then she asked if she could use her name in a book. Of course my cousin said yes! Then I go up and tell her my name. She signs my copy of Defiance before giving me a strange look. She then asks if she could use my name as well.


A part of me wasn't sure she'd keep that promise until she tweeted me later that night:

Guys, no joke, my cousin will be in book 2! And I will be in book 2 (or book 3)! It's still pretty surreal, and I'm not sure I will completely believe it until I see my name on the page. Still, knowing I will be seeing my name in her books makes me 100xs more excited for second and third book.

I also got a picture of all three of us with CJ:

And afterwards, we had CAKE. And it was yummy.

Then I went home and stroked my pretty pretty book. <333


So guys, tell me about your book signing experience(s)! Let me know if you liked Defiance or not! Let me know if you've ever had a character in a book named after you!


  1. DUDE YO SOY MUY JEALOUS! ( Spanish for I'm jealous lol) Ahh that's so cool how your cousin got to be in book 2 and how you're going to be in book 3 and then the cake was on fire! It reminds me of that last scene in Defiance...was that the message? ;) anyways I'm glad you had an amazing time!

    1. It was a pretty awesome night! Totally exceeded my expectations. <333 And yes, I think that cake was supposed to be reminiscent of the final scenes in Defiance. Hopefully, Eileen, you'll have more awesome book signing experiences (was the YA Fest your first?)

    2. Ahh remember Books of Wonder? There's no way I can go now that school's starting >.< And YA Fest was my first I'm glad I didn't TOTALLY spaz out in front of the authors :P Glad you had an awesome time Cassie!

    3. That just blows. Your mother should have taken you to Books of Wonders when you were in the city. It's the least she could have done. :/ Anyway, don't worry. You're bound to have more awesome book signing experiences!