Tuesday, June 26, 2012

250 Blog Follower Givaway! Clues for Prize Pack One

Okay, first off: thank you to all my followers! To celebrate, I am doing a massive giveaway.

But it won't be "easy".

I have three prize packs, two ARCs each, but YOU have to figure out what's in each pack. How? Once a week, for three weeks, I will provide three clues. Each set of clues correlates to one prize pack, and at the end of three weeks, I will announce the prize packs and the winners. Sound good? Okay, let's get started!

1. Must be a blog follower.
2. There will be three winners.
3. Winners live in the US (I will do a international giveaway soon. I promise.)
4. Winners must responded within 48 hours, otherwise, I reserve the right to pick another winner.
5. First winner gets prize pack 1, second winner gets prize pack 2, and third winner gets prize pack 3.
- - - - -
The first clues for prize pack one:
1. Both ARCs are by the same author.
2. Think FIRST the trolls and then the mermaids.
3. Author was previously self published.

If you can guess the two ARCs, you get two extra entries! Come back next week for prize pack two clues for another two entries. 

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