Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Big Three ARC Contest

Are you eager to read Taken by Erin Bowman? Feedback by Robinson Wells ? Or Mind Games by Kirsten White? Then click HERE for more information. There will be three winners, one for each book! What are you waiting for? Enter NOW?


Now, I can't deny that I've been more than fortunate. I've received a lot of free books (won or for review). And it feels arrogant to say that I deserve to win, but I really want these books. Don't you? Actually, scratch that. I don't want these books. I need them. Like a flashlight needs a battery, like plants need to the sun and rain, like an egg needs a nest.


Anyway, check out the giveaway and enter now before it ends, midnight, August 23rd. The winner could be you. Or it could be me (which, in that case, would be good news for you because I'd eventually give away the ARC).

Enter now, enter now, enter now. Seriously, am I the only one excited for these books? ESPECIALLY Taken and Mind Games?!?! You don't have to answer. Just click the link above and check out the giveaway for yourself.

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