Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: Pivot Point

Pivot Point by Kasie West
Release: February 12, 2013
Source: e-ARC provided by publisher 

Knowing the outcome doesn’t always make a choice easier . . .

Addison Coleman’s life is one big “What if?” As a Searcher, whenever Addie is faced with a choice, she can look into the future and see both outcomes. It’s the ultimate insurance plan against disaster. Or so she thought. When Addie’s parents ambush her with the news of their divorce, she has to pick who she wants to live with—her father, who is leaving the paranormal compound to live among the “Norms,” or her mother, who is staying in the life Addie has always known. Addie loves her life just as it is, so her answer should be easy. One Search six weeks into the future proves it’s not.

In one potential future, Addie is adjusting to life outside the Compound as the new girl in a Norm high school where she meets Trevor, a cute, sensitive artist who understands her. In the other path, Addie is being pursued by the hottest guy in school—but she never wanted to be a quarterback’s girlfriend. When Addie’s father is asked to consult on a murder in the Compound, she’s unwittingly drawn into a dangerous game that threatens everything she holds dear. With love and loss in both lives, it all comes down to which reality she’s willing to live through . . . and who she can’t live without

Pivot Point is, without a doubt, my favorite book of 2013 so far.

There, I said it.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain what Pivot Point is about. Addison (Addie) has a special ability: when given the choice, she can play out the two options and decide which path she wants to take. Her parents also have abilities (her father's a human lie detector and her mother has a knack with persuasion), and they live in society filled with superhuman beings. Addie never saw her parents divorce coming, though, and she's given a choice: stay with her mother, or leave with her father to live in the "outside" world. Addie uses her gift to play out the following six weeks, to help her decide.

So, yes, this book is essentially two stories. And in these two stories, she meets two different guys. The first guy, in the "Dome", is Duke. He's the quarterback, and unexplainably shows interest in Addie. She pushes him away, believes she's "not that girl", until she actually does fall for him. Their banters are amusing, and managed to bring a smile to my face. In the other reality, in the "normal" world, Addie meets a few friends. One of them is Trevor, a former quarterback, placed on the sidelines due to an unfortunate injury.

It's difficult to say why, without giving away important details, but her decision isn't entirely based on "which guy she likes better". As the story progresses, there are more things at stake, more differences that Addie must consider before making her choice in the end. And let me just say that I was near tears when she made her choice.

Because it wasn't easy.

I'd also like to point out the fact that, despite having two storylines, this book is such a smooth read. The transitions, and correlations, between the two alternate relates were so well done. I never once got confused. The pacing was excellent, and so was the writing. Really, I envy West's ability to write such authentic dialogue. Her writing, and the story, made me smile, laugh. And the ending! MY HEART! THE FEELS! I'm desperate for book two (because, yes, there IS a book two).

Is there anything that I didn't like about this book? There's nothing. I can't find a single fault, and I'm so glad that I decided to read this fantastic book! I'm trying NOT to gush, but this book is a total gem. So read it, love it, treasure it. It's one of those rare books that you WISH you could forget so you could read it the first time all over again. Only a handful of books made me feel that way, and Pivot Point is one of them.

Thank you harperTeen and Edelweiss for the e-ARC!



  1. EEEEEEEEEE! This looks like it will pull at my heartstrings! I've had my eyes on this one for a while, and it looks so good! Great review!

    Millie @ Millie D's Words

  2. AWESOME review!! I completely agree with you. Pivot Point has become one of my favourite books of ALL TIME! It's just that good! I love how complex and carefully crafted it was. And, as you said, it wasn't necessarily all about which guy she liked better. It goes so much deeper than that.

  3. I'm so excited to read this book. It's one of my most anticipated debuts of 2013. dsjhvercdkfv

  4. Ooh, I have this one sitting on my shelf; still need to read it! Great review!

    -Brad @ BookYAReview

  5. Great review! I absolutely adored this book and it's definitely one of the best books I've read so far this year. There is so much going on in this story but it all fits together perfectly.