Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hooked Trailer Reveal

I am pleased to present the book trailer for Hooked by Liz Fichera. 

But first, the cover and summary: 

- - - - 

Hooked by Liz Fichera 
Release: January 31, 2012

Sparks fly when a Native American girl with a killer swing joins the boys’ varsity golf team and takes on the boy with the killer smile. 

And now, the trailer: CHECK IT OUT. 
 (Click the link--or hit play--below. Go on...I'll give you a few minutes to check it out...)

Tell me what you think. Personally, I like it! The simplicity, the music...

Although, it doesn't really give insight into the plot...other than the fact that it's a contemporary romance. Oh well. *shrugs*

So, leave comments below, and thanks for stopping by to check out Liz's book trailer. It's definitely got me excited for Hooked.

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